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Cubic 6HV - Underground Automations for Swing Gates

Distinctive features

  • The gear motors are housed in a sturdy stainless steel or electrically galvanised steel foundation casing to increase resistance to weathering; the automation is fixed by means of stainless steel screws pre-built in the foundation casing.
  • In the 110° angle version 01 , rotation is done by a lever system, whilst in the 180° angle version rotation is done by a chain 02 or a gear lever unit 03
  • CE mark
  • Aesthetically pleasing release system with key and lever which may be operated from both sides
  • Works even at low temperatures
  • Motor protected by an internal temperature probe
  • Supplied with all security, control and monitoring accessories
  • Wing support system on hardened steel ball

Special accessories

  • Internal mechanical stop both for opening and closing operations
  • Magnetic limit switches
  • Customisable DIN key

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