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Safety Edge Systems for Gates and Industrial Doors

Ditec Safety Edges are designed to protect people or objects from being accidentally crushed by moving gates and doors.

Doormatics NZ recommends the use of safety edges to minimise the risk of injury or death to persons trapped in an automatic system.

WorkSafe have issued a Safety Alert in July 2018 for Automated Gates see downloads below.

We advise all gate owners, designers and installers to read this Safety Alert and if they have any concerns install these devices.

The Ditec GOPAV devices enable the installation or retro fit installation of Safety Edges to moving gates or doors without wires making the installation very easy.

The Safety Edges SOFA can be wired into the GOPAVT Transmitter and safety signals are received by the GOPAVR or GOPVRS Receiver wiring can then be made to the control panel of the system.

The Safety Edges SOFA can also be hardwired via SOFA1 or SOFA2 input cards.

Safety Edges SOFA are available preassembled in 2m and 2.5m lengths SOFA20 and SOFA25 these can be cut down on site to suit installation. Custom Lengths from 0.5m-4.5m can be made on request.

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